Ending Relationships That Aren’t Working

Making the decision to end a relationship is hard, even when it’s a healthy relationship.

Ending a relationship can look very different, depending on the type of relationship:

  • Telling a casual sex partner you no longer want to have sex with them.
  • Ending a long-term loving relationship.
  • Leaving an abusive partner and taking out a protection order against them.

Ending an intimate relationship can be more involved when there are things like a shared home, money, pets or children to consider. Make a separation plan together if possible, and a weekly schedule for things you are all responsible for.

Talk about your expectations including how you want to communicate with each other, how often it’s OK to text or call and about physical contact (e.g. hugging).

After a relationship has ended:

After ending an intimate relationship it’s common to have thoughts of longing, loneliness or loss. Some ways to help deal with these feelings:

  • Try to keep an emotional distance from them to allow you to heal.
  • Settle agreements about property and possessions quickly so you can move on.
  • Be strong. The relationship ended for a reason. Stick to your separation plan.