Queer Relationships

Check out the back pages of this booklet for contact details of awesome organisations you can ask about relationships, sex, violence, abuse, getting help and heaps of other things!

They have information, people waiting to talk to you, and can help when you don’t know what to do next.

From one-night stands to longer-term intimate relationships, with one or multiple partners, our relationships with friends, whānau and lovers are a big part of our lives.

This booklet is for those of us who are in (or want to be in) same-sex or queer relationships.

Knowing how to create and maintain good relationships is something we all want, but also it’s important to know when and how to ask for help, and how to support people we care about around their relationships.

Having good relationships can be difficult, especially when we don’t have healthy role models to learn from.

Bad relationships can lead to things we don’t want or enjoy, like feeling sad or lonely, or becoming depressed – and even harmful behaviours such as control, abuse, and physical or sexual violence.