What Is A Healthy Relationship?

Healthy relationships help us to feel safe, celebrated, appreciated, loved, trusted and respected. Being able to create and maintain healthy relationships helps us to have a happy, fulfilling life.

Learning how to have healthy relationships is something we do our whole life. If we don’t have good queer role models growing up, learning how to have a healthy relationship is something we often do together in the relationship.

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Compromises and negotiation are part of all relationships. It’s normal to disagree in a healthy relationship, and being able to disagree can help your relationship strengthen and grow.

Being respectful of each other through arguments or disagreements is a sign of a healthy relationship.

People who are in healthy intimate relationships are able to say things like:

  • I can be myself and say what I think.
  • I can say no to sex, and it’s ok.
  • We work things out together.
  • We respect and care for each other.
  • We have fun, but I have space for my- self too.
  • My feelings and decisions are OK, even when they differ from my partners.